versovino - Il Decanter piccolino® was created and developed by Damiano Miniera at the Enoteca La Sosta del Rossellino in Florence, Italy.


versovino® is a registred trademark



versovino is essential for all branches of the wine profession, from wine bars to wineries and restaurants, because:


• it permits the re-oxygenation of a single glass of wine, which by dispersing the wine along the walls of the decantation sphere and allowing it to come into contact with oxygen, awakening the scents and flavours of the wine.

• it maintains an unaltered visual identity of the product because it is applied directly to the bottle.

• it facilitates a perfectly portioned glass of wine; the decantation sphere contains the exact capacity of 100ml/3.4oz, 150ml/5oz or 180ml/6oz - precisely one glassful.



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